In every day life, we tend to forget how creative, powerful, and intuitive we are.

Getting locked into a daily grind of the work week, most people aren’t usually encouraged to think outside the box, and imagine what they want to see in their community, contemplate what they truly wish to do with their life, or just simply be playful for the sake of having fun. Life is all about the rat race, and working, working, working, which has pitted people against each other in a struggle for survival. This is the influence of fear within each of our own minds, that victimizes and oppresses us.

The Journey To Realizing My True Inner Artist….

Early on in my life I quickly became fed up with fearful agendas, and holding someone or something else accountable for my own happiness, security, and success. So I began my journey to become “a professional artist”….

I explored a few different potential freelance careers in the arts doing graphic design, then portrait photography, and finally as a painter and digital illustrator..and I had mild success in each creative business.. and my life was becoming quite wonderful and free on the surface, but I had a bad habit of believing nothing would ever be good enough, including myself.  I struggled with perfectionism and self loathing. I would never be able to live up to my own impossible standards.. Not to mention all of the people who reminded me that I am choosing “the difficult path” and I would probably die, starve, or go crazy before I “made it” as an artist. I thought..what a shame would it be if I actually had the opportunity to  be the professional full time artist of my dreams, only to become a slave to my own perfectionist misery?


That is right about the time that I learned about the mandala. So I decided to try and take a new artistic approach…to make art with the intention, and to heal my inner turmoil. Drawing circles with my eyes closed, or with my non-dominant hand, and imaging myself as a reflection of cyclical wholeness, letting go of all my expectations about how my art needed to look..and just creating for fun, like a little kid. This is when I started realizing that being an artist isn’t something that needs to be proven by skill. It is an innate part of being human. I suddenly understood that I was born an artist. We are all born as artists… creativity is the primordial evolutionary desire to bring everything we see and experience into existence.. and when you connect with that creative source energy, you embody creativity, which is what all children can naturally do. From that moment on, I saw my life in a new way. I felt myself transforming. For once, I was enough. Every time I made art, emotions arose.. I expressed them within my mandala, watching my drawing blossom with awe as I felt the cathartic healing energies wash over my body and fill me with ease. My life became a healing process, and my intentional journey towards self acceptance had become a living form of art, in itself. All my actions and thoughts became a reflection of the mandalas I was creating.. I was learning to honor the process, and see the value in making “mistakes”. I am so unbelievably awe inspired by the impact that this shift in perspective had on my life. Now I want to share this experience with you, and help you realize your true artistic nature as a human:

Step into your birthright as an Artist and Creator, open your heart, and claim your creative power.. with the help of the Mandala.


The mandala is sanskrit for sacred circle, and represents wholeness, unity, and the cycles of change that occur within a balanced state of interconnection. By creating mandala art as a way to help us learn to be vulnerable with our feelings, and create freely without expectation.. from a place of “I am enough, I am whole” we can begin to walk the artists path, claim our creative power, and embody the mandala within our life.

I hear it all the time: “I’m not creative, I could never be an artist…I just wasn’t born with that gift”

okay.. ahem…*clears throat*

If the answer is yes, then congratulations! As far as I’m concerned, YOU ARE AN ARTIST.

It is our birth right to be creative, and it is what makes us so unique as a species!

It is a common misconception that you either have creativity, or you don’t. But alas, perhaps some of us have just forgotten what creativity actually is..and we just go on being blissfully unaware that we have the potential to use our creativity every day when we cook, dress ourselves, speak, or make virtually any decision or form of expression. We are in a constant state of creation, with every thought we have, and every action we take! We have creative control, but it is up to us to embrace and utilize it, or live in a state of denial and overwhelming fear of failure, instead of using that inherent power that lies within us..

Being an artist is a state of mind, like a lense we look through, or a radio station we “tune in” to. 

As kids, we were all artists. Kids aren’t afraid to make a “mistake” or look silly. Kids intuitively understand that exploration is all part of the creative process, because they create from a genuine place of LOVE and INNOCENT CURIOSITY. This is WISDOM. What adults fear as “failure” or “mistakes” is often just another pathway to innovation! Where along the line did we forget that? Why must we always be so serious and certain of the “right way”? So quick to judge one path over another? We have become so caught up in labels, judgement, and proving ourselves that we have left behind our inner child.. our inner artist… the person we were before the conditioning of society.. some would call it our soul. Our inner artist is WISE in its’ playfulness and curiosity. Nature is WISE, and who we are as a SOUL is an expression of nature. We must honor this unique expression! It is time for us to take back creative control, and actively hold space within ourselves to LISTEN to what our inner child and artist has to say.


You have the choice to live in the light of love, the right to try, to ask why not? to be curious, stand behind your values, dream of a better life, and use your creativity and resourcefulness to make that big vision a reality. But it all starts with play, and saying yes to our inner child’s desire to explore, and allowing moments of vulnerability, so our heart can speak and feel.

Now that you have chosen to accept true artistic nature as a birth right, you must be ready to be met with resistance, both internally and externally. You will need courage.

Taking creative control means challenging the system of beliefs we were taught,  do things you’ve never tried before, feel a little insecure, and yes, occasionally even fail. While this may sound daunting, it is actually the foundation for creating a meaningful, fulfilling, and artistic life. A life which says YES to trying, self-acceptance, following your dreams, and being passionate about something, and NO to squeezing into the impossible standards of perfectionism, giving up, playing small, submitting to fear, and ultimately giving our power away.

Saying Yes To Self-Love, And Tapping Into Your Inner Courage

We have been taught that courage is about being tough, and trying to control and suppress our emotions, but I dare to believe it is the exact opposite.

Courage is about vulnerability, expressing how we really feel, and having an open heart. We need courage to be an artist! So in order to cultivate the courage we need to honor and step into our unique artistic path, we must learn to connect with our heart space..and be vulnerable with ourselves by using art to experience our deepest heart felt emotions. Finding the COURAGE to love ourselves unconditionally throughout the creative process, TRUST OUR HEART, and most importantly, live our lives and create from that heart space.


This means letting go of other people’s expectations of you, (who you are “supposed” to be, what you are “supposed” to do) accepting your WHOLE SELF exactly as you are, right now, and therefore honoring every “imperfect” aspect of you. This is totally essential to your artistic, transformative journey.. by embracing the initial discomfort of vulnerability, accepting the inevitability of rejection, and TRUSTING that every internal and external challenge you have and will face is an opportunity for greater self empowerment and understanding.. you will claim creative control in your life, and start enforcing healthy boundaries so you can start holding space for you to be exactly who you are. Who you need to be. An artist.

Your heart is intelligent. It is worthy of your trust. The sound of our buzzing mind often suffocates the soft song of the heart. We need to take a moment to quiet our mind to truly listen to our heart. Your heart has a truth to speak, and it is time for it to be heard..and expressed, through you! It is time to stop playing small, running away from pain, and being a victim. You are strong! You are capable! You are creative!  You are an artist! Stop letting fear manipulate you, and let love liberate you, so you can do what you truly desire!

Being an artist means holding space within your heart to feel your emotions. Within that space, ignite the flame of passion within you, passion for life, passion for creation, and step into that fire. Forge your new, artistic self within the flames of your deepest pain and your greatest joy. You are brilliant, you are creative, you are powerful.  Look around you at this awe-inspiring planet. You are a part of it! It’s desire to create has been sparked within you. So dream big. What are you here to do? What will you create? What do you most desire to experience? Connect to that inner flame, feed it, and watch it’s flames grow high.

We can make time each day to exercise our creative abilities, and tune in with that inner flame of transformation. Find time in your life to do something you really enjoy, for no reason other than that you really enjoy it. Use this playful experience to empower you to move closer to your purpose, which ultimately is to experience the magnificence of your true self, find fulfillment in every step your life process, and be inspired to creatively engage in your life, pushing the limits of what is possible. You owe it to yourself to experience this. By following your own unique path, you will inspire others.. and you will help to change, and heal the world.. by healing yourself.

When you live your life from a place of love, vulnerability, curiosity, and courage, you claim your creative power as an artist. By doing this, you are connecting with the creative source energy that has helped blossom everything into existence. You are a living mandala. You are a reflection of the whole, encompassing a perfect balance of both the dark and the light, within you.

Join me in my #mandalamovement, and say yes to taking back creative control in your life, and owning your true nature as a human and an ARTIST!

I will be at Mind Body Soul Festival at Sertoma Youth Ranth on December 8th at 4pm teaching my Mandala Class. Please join me, to learn more about the mandalic approach to claiming your creative power and living life as an artist! Share with your friends!


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