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    Experience a mandalic art healing session, fascillitated by Megan, to honor and reflect on the meaningful relationships and challenges in your life, bring focus to your intentions, and fill your heart with inspiration and fulfilment!

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  • Honor your authentic self

    Remember when you made art as a kid? You did it because it was fun! Creating mandalas helps teach us how to nurture that inner child, let go of our expectations, dance with our shadows, and embrace the larger beauty within and without us!

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  • Read my book!

    This book gives you a glimpse into the history of the mandala, and how you can use your understanding of the chakras, and 'sacred' geometry as a map to your center, the source of your mandalic unfolding.

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    "This class not only taught me fundamental skills in creating mandalas, I learned how to trust my instincts, to let go and by one with my decisions and myself" -Student

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  • Projects

    Learn more about Megan's ongoing artistic persuits to explore the mandala. From live painting and sand mandala performances, collaborative community art happenings, sound healing,and more!

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